Salient Features

Technical features of the project
Type of the project Run-of-the River
Project location Bahundanda VDC, Lamjung District
Dam site Naiche, Bahundanda VDC, Ward 2
Powerhouse site Bahundanda VDC, Ward No.7
Installed Capacity 30 MW
Average annual energy 168.5 GWh
Gross head 333.9 m
Design flow 11.02 m3/s
Catchment area at intake site 154.7 km2
Design Flood Discharge 509 m3/s (100 Yrs Flood)
Settling basin 128 m (L), 8 m (W), 10 m (H)
Length of Headrace tunnel 3.937 km
Turbine type Horizontal Axis Pelton
Turbine Installation 3 nos. with 10 MW capacity
Transmission Line 7 km long of 132 kV capacity
Construction period 4 years
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