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Corporate Social Responsibility

From the day when Nyadi Hydropower Limited (NHL) was established, it is well aware and committed of its responsibility towards welfare and enhancement of the local communities apart from the project infrastructure development and environment protection works.

NHL has supported and accomplished the following listed activities in the project areas as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility.

1. Skill Development Training to Project Affected People

As a part of CSR and with the objective of enhancing and upgrading the skills of the project affected local people, NHL has organized 45 days Skill Development Training Program (SDTP) to 52 project affected people on March 2009. SDTP includes vocational training in electrical, mechanical, plumbing, mason and scaffolding. (Photographs)

After providing SDTP, 52 project affected people are now capable to earn their living on their own.


2. Rural Electrification in Project Affected Villages

In March 2012, to address the electricity need of locals, village electrification has been done in Naiche and Ludi village of Bahundandanda VDC and Bhulbule VDC respectively.

NHL has provided 22 electricity poles and others accessories for the electrification of 57 households in Naiche village and 17 households in Ludi village. This electrification is now owned by Nepal Electricity Authority and has given the operation and maintenance of electricity to Lamjung Electricity Users Association (LEUA). (Photographs)


3. Electrician training for the project affected locals

With the objective of enhancing and upgrading the skills of the project affected local people, Nyadi Hydropower Limited has organized a 390 hours Electrician Training to twenty project affected local residents of three VDCs namely Bahundanda VDC, Bhulbhule VDC and Khudi VDC in coordination with Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) from 2073/11/22 as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility. (Photographs)